Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NYC #HDColorTrio

I received NYC New York Color HD Color Trio in Long Beach Sands to test complimentary from Influenster via the #JollyVoxBox. 

Out of all the products included, the HD Color Trio was my favorite. The natural, shimmery colors are perfect for shading and accenting your eyes to make them stand out. Out of the three colors in my pallet, the highlight shade (on the right in the picture) was excellent at hiding the dark circles under my eyes and creating a nice even skin tone. 

Another thing I really liked about HD Color Trios, is that they label each color in the trio as a guide, Crease, Lid, Highlighter, ect. That's great guide for beginners that aren't sure of how to apply eye shadow. Also, the applicator that is included is small. Some people might not like it, but I prefer it because it allows me to blend and highlight all the little spots that larger brushes make more difficult to be precise. 

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Have you tried NYC HD Color Trios before? What were your thoughts on it? Do you have a favorite color? If not, which would you be interested in trying? 

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Friday, March 29, 2013

~Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe™ Texturizing Sea Salt Spray 2013 Sweetheart Voxbox Review~

I love wavy hair and have always struggled with getting my hair to hold beautiful, tousled waves.  I have very long hair that is heavy, wavy and defiant. Whatever style I try to maintain, my hair always seems to put up a fight and frizz up. I've tried product after product and the only way for me to tame my hair is using a ton of mousse, conditioner, spritz, hairspray and anti-frizz serum, scrunch it up into clips, and use a hairdryer on low for about an hour. It can get to be a big pain in the butt, especially if you don't have the time for all that, and it's easy to add too much product so your hair ends up looking crunchy or oily.  

So I pretty much gave up the idea of curling my hair and just go for the straight iron these days.

However, I was chosen to receive Influenster's 2013 Sweetheart Voxbox and one of the free products included was Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe™ Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. I've never had the chance to try any of the Not Your Mother's brand of products, but I've heard good things, so I was excited to do so! The scent and texture feels exactly like you've been at the beach all day.  Sweet and coconut-ish like suntan lotion, yet is also long lasting, but without the chemical smell that some hair products have. 

 Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe™ Texturizing Sea Salt Spray  is natural, and leaves hair feeling light and soft, not crunchy like mousse or hairspray. It takes about ten seconds to apply, adds volume and helps control the frizz and define my hair into the beachy waves that I've been looking for without resorting to heat or damaging products.  I will be definitely taking this with me whenever I go swimming or have intentions of  getting wet since it helps keep my hair from being such an unruly, tangled mess. 

I would like to add that since my hair is so long, I had to use more of this product than someone with shorter hair, and it seemed to me that using a bit too much could  possibly dry your hair out, though for some that could be a plus if you have oily hair. I also preferred to use it straight out of the shower while my hair is still damp. It's easier to comb through so it covers your hair instead of just having "spots" that are wavy and others that are frizzy, and it works even better if it's braided and has had time to set. Though I can't say that this product has given me the  super sexy waves of my dreams, I definitely think that it's worth giving a try and will be adding this to my hair care collection.

  I highly recommend  trying Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe™ Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for yourself so you can see what a difference it can make in your hair care routine!

Retail Price: $6.00 for full size

Check out Not Your Mother's® website for yourself HERE, or see what other Influensters have to say about Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe™ Texturizing Sea Salt Spray HERE.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. Any opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

~Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response 2013 Sweetheart Voxbox Review~

I've always been a fan of Secret deodorant and have been using Secret Scent Expressions clear gel for a long while now. I've tried tons of different deodorants and most of them always seem to be lacking what I look for in an antiperspirant. The solid leaves my underarms feeling gross and usually the clear gels smell great, but don't last very long. So I pretty much gave up and stayed with what I felt was the best option. 

However, thanks to Influenster's 2013 Sweetheart Voxbox I was able to try Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant for free. I was sent the Serene Citrus scent and super excited to try another product from a favorite brand of mine. I've been wanting to try it for a long time, but it always seemed a little pricey to me, for a product that might not even have worked. 

I'm so very glad to say that Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response is the only deodorant that has everything I want. It's an advanced solid, doctor endorsed for women under stress, has 4x the protection against stress sweat, odor-fighting capsules that absorb odor, skin smoothing conditioners, and best of all, doesn't leave your pits feeling gross and sticky. The scent isn't overpowering, and I would much rather smell Serene Citrus over body odor any day.

  Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response helped protect me through all of my #StressSweat moments. Whether it's dealing with a hectic day at work, horrible traffic, a new date, or just the chaos that can be everyday life at home, it's nice to know that Secret has me covered when I need it most.  I especially recommend it to anyone that sweats a lot under pressure or that's put in high stress situations on a regular basis, as well as anyone that leads an active lifestyle. 

Retail Price: $7.99 - $9.99

Check out Secret's website for yourself HERE, or go straight to their product line HERE and see which one is right for you.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. Any opinions expressed are my own.