Wednesday, February 6, 2013

~Influenster~ Palmolive® Fresh Infusions™ Review

 As I've mentioned, I recently got the chance to try Palmolive Fresh Infusions thanks to Palmolive and Influenster. I shared my first impressions, now it's time for my review!

Palmolive's new line, Fresh Infusions

~Ginger White Tea ~ Lime Basil ~ Lemon Thyme~

The scents of all three are wonderful! It was hard to pick a favorite, but  Lemon Thyme came in 1st place, with Lime Basil as a close second. The Ginger White Tea is nice as well, but I always lean towards citrus when it comes to cleaning products because it reminds me of when I was a kid in my grandma's kitchen. 

I also let my friend Joey join in the fun and pick one to keep for himself, and shared the coupons with friends and family as well.  He chose the Ginger White Tea

However, as nice as a product smells, you never know how well it works until you put it to the test... So that's exactly what I did. 

Armed with my weapons of choice, I set out to conquer the mountain of dirty dishes lurking in our sink.

This is about two and a half days worth of dirty dishes at our house. They were not presoaked, and most of them were not even rinsed clean. In short, my living nightmare. 

 A short while later, the battle was done, and our entire silverware draw, as well as a large portion of our dishes are squeeky clean! No greasy pots and pans, and no stuck on food or residue. It was very gentle on my hands. It didn't tear them up nearly as bad as my usual brand does.

 I am very happy with the way Palmolive Fresh Infusions suds up. Just a little bit of dish soap turns into tons of bubbles with super cleaning power. I also liked that the liquid itself is thicker than what I expected. Runny dish liquid usually rinses off too easily so I end up having to use more to get the kind of clean dishes I prefer. Not the case at all with Fresh Infusions!

This shows exactly how much I used to wash all of those dishes.  Also, I should add that I love the bottle design! Not only does it look great on the counter, it's also great for soapy slippery hands. I didn't have any problem at all when it came time to add a little more dish soap to the sponge. Not like most of the other bottles I see all the time that are awkwardly shaped so I end up dropping them.

I highly recommend Palmolive Fresh Infusions to anyone that's looking for more out of their dish soap! I will definitely buy this again in the future

Interested in infusing your kitchen with phosphate free freshness as well? Palmolive Fresh Infusions are available at Walmart for around $2.99. 

Want to see what others think of Palmolive Fresh Infusions? Check out Influenster's review page HERE!

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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